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Sometimes I get so overwhelmed by my email inbox, I rush to delete new messages in an attempt to clean it! If you do that too, here are some recent posts you may have missed.

  • How to thank a caregiver
    Since the count of MSers is now recognized as close to 1M, it would be interesting to see what the numbers are for those caring for someone with MS or another chronic illness.

  • I was both pleased and dismayed when I saw a new notice that a recent study more accurately showed that close to 1 million people in the country have this disease, more than twice the number the MS society had been using.
  • I'm an MSer and a debt-oholic
    When I was in college the credit card companies were eager to get us to sign up for a card. In our own name. How could I not? Now I recognize this as the seduction of a drug dealer. Just a little taste and then they got you.

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