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I spend most of my time on the second floor for now.  But my laundry facilities are on the first floor. I decided I should wash some of my things upstairs and hang them to dry overnight in the shower area.
I began to search on the web, looking for recommendations on soap to use on hand wash.  I was not specifically looking for how to wash delicates or yarn for knitting or baby things, for example, but when I discovered this review for hand wash detergents, all those things were mentioned.
This led me to Soak where I discovered the idea of no-rinse laundry. This may be a no-brainer for you, but for me it was genius!  So I ordered some from the manufacturer and found that it works!
With Soak, any dirt comes out in the water, and whatever is left in the item evaporates.  No rinsing required.
What is No-Rinse and  How Does It Help MSers?
Skipping the rinse second step works for a lot of MSers like me who deal with fatigue and/or have troubles with their hands.  Also, when you work far away from your laundry facilities, you really have to weigh your choices.  Do I expend my limited energy and mobility to carry bed sheets downstairs more than once a week?  I vote no.
Many times, I wake up, fill the sink with warm water and a small squirt of soap, then dump my pjs in and give them a swish or leave them to soak until lunchtime. Then I hang them to dry on my clothes rack in the shower.  This works!
If I've had any "accidents" at night, I will mark place with yarn, then wheel into bathroom, finish my ablutions, then grab a rag, get it wet with the treated water, shove it into a plastic bag (to protect my lap), then wheel it back to bedside and scrub the marked area. I then leave it to air-dry.  It is usually fresh and dry by bedtime. Pee spots conquered!
All-Purpose Formula
According to their website, Soak uses a cleaning formula that’s "great for all fabrics, including wool, cashmere, and silk."
It smells wonderful, and no-rinse means "less work, less water use, and a lower likelihood that you’ll damage your dainty duds with too much handling."
I also discovered that chemistry is important in soap types.  You see, chemistry is different in different types of soap.  In that same article, I read that another soap contains lanolin which "tends to attract dirt and grime..." after you wash with it and since it doesn't evaporate, you must rinse it out of your garment.  
Last week I spilled some coffee on my shirt and tried it on that, just soaking it to see its cleaning power.  Alas, it didn't work as well, but it's worth the trade off and just soaking still got a lot out.  I assume I will need to scrub first next time.
You can get it from Amazon too!

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